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Hello!  I am on a journey of finding my calling, while being a wife to an amazing superhero husband, a 4 year old little boy named Caleb, and 2 year old triplets; Ella, Emma, and Brody. Although it’s not the easiest, I love my life! I love my merciful heavenly Father, spending time with my husband, watching my kids be silly, and fantasizing of recreating everything I pin on Pinterest!

I believe in being led by the spirit, finding the best in every situation, loving what you have, and loving with all your heart! I’m learning how to mother and to be a submissive wife. Some things come easy for me and other situations require a little work. I have never been really good at small talk, love sweets, and dream of traveling one day. I’m a little shy until I get to know you, but when I do you better hold onto your drawers because I always share a little (okay, a lot) more about myself than you’d expect. Being transparent with my friends is just who I am.

So, I’m here to be transparent with you, to share my journey through this life, and to share in yours. Everyone, I feel, desires to relate to others through similar situations. It’s always nice to know others face these things the same as you, that we are not alone in this world and, above all, that you are NORMAL, LOVED, and a DEAR FRIEND.




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  1. Hello, I used to teach at Indian Creek with Jane Abler. She mentioned you on her FB page. I guess God led me to check out your adorable family. i’m amazed that you have time to blog with triplets. I was inspired by your words. I think it’s neat that you have this site.

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